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Name: Aurora Christine (Borealis) Draper
Age: 34
Gender: female
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160
Species: Bear

Aurora Draper, born Aurora Christine Borealis, is the eldest child of Hank and Suzanne Borealis. Born in Huntington West Virginia, she has spent her entire life in the area, except for a brief stint with the U.S.O. She felt that by helping in the U.S.O. she could get a bit better view of the world and show her love for her homeland at the same time.

She was sent to work in a small office in Spain, near Seville, which was scheduled to be closed down, due to lack of use, the Air Force Base providing most of the things the U.S.O used to provide, due to the number of personnel on the base. This rather disheartened Aurora, as she wanted to truly feel her time was being used to help grow rather than close down things.

It was while she was working there that she met Dan Draper, who was stationed at the Air Force Base, but decided to check out the U.S.O, mostly because he was feeling homesick, and wanted to see what they could do to help. He fell madly in love with Aurora, and made frequent trips to the office to visit her and take her to dinner.

Within a year of her being there, she got an urgent call from her mother, stating that her father had been involved in a traffic accident, which had killed him. She decided to go home immediately to be with her mother, and help with the funeral arrangements. The U.S.O. office there was closed immediately.

Dan called her, frequently, and, when his tour of duty was over, he asked for a transfer to be near her. It was granted, and they were married shortly after he returned to the states. Their son, Dipper, was born shortly thereafter. Despite his home obligations, Dan continued to commute to Dayton on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the situation in the middle east had other plans, and Dan was transferred to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, where he stayed for 4 years.

Aurora found that her son missed his father terribly, and called her brother Stargazer, to see if he could come visit, to help give Dipper an older male to look up to if only for a short while. Stargazer did more than visit. He moved back to Huntington to be with his sister and Dipper.

Her primary fur color is Amethyst, her hair and eyebrows are indigo. Her eyes and nose are a deep violet. Her muzzle and front are white, like her husband and brother.

She wears small ring earrings, one on each ear. She rarely wears any other jewelry, except for her wedding band on her left hand.

She is an avid gardener, and is usually seen wearing a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, at least to the elbow, and light blue jeans, which are form fitting, but not tight, the bottoms rolled up above the ankles. He is usually seen wearing casual pumps of various colors.

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