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Name: Dipper Donald Draper
Age: 12
Gender: male
Height: 4' 8"
Weight: 110
Species: bear

Dipper was born in Huntington, West Virginia where he has lived his entire life.

He became friends with neighbor, Bobby Thornbody, in kindergarten, and they basically became best friends in second grade, after Dipper defended Bobby against a bully.

The following year, his father was re-deployed to Afghanistan. Dipper had always been very close to his father, and his absence was very hard on him. Finally his mother asked that Dipper's uncle, Stargazer, come to visit. Stargazer had always been extremely fond of Dipper, and offered to move back to Huntington, where he lives to this day.

The relationship between Dipper and Stargazer grew very close over the next year, and helped give him an adult male in his life, that he really needed.

Two years later, when Dipper was 11, Bobby Thornbody moved away, which was another tremendous hardship for a bear who truly showers the people he loves with love. Stargazer helped him through that, and it was not that long before Bobby moved back, much to the joy of Dipper.

A year later, his uncle Birch moved in, and Birch discovered Dipper's love of singing. Dipper soon found himself as part of a singing group called The Beach Bears and receiving the adolation of fans from all over the world.

Surprisingly, that never really affected him, as he had plenty of love all around him, anyway, and people who wanted to keep his childhood as normal as possible.

He loves airplanes, video games, singing, and sweets. He has a particular weakness for cookies, especially chocolate chip.

The one thing he hates, however, is being called cute. Yes, he is cute as a button, but at 12 years old, he is in a hurry to grow up, and sees the word "cute" as a obstacle to that.

Dipper's mischievous nature always seems to get him in trouble, but his heart of gold not only helps him out of it, but helps those around him, as well.

Dipper's fur is sunshine yellow, his hair matching it exactly, much as his uncle Stargazer's does. His muzzle and belly are white, his nose a deep red-orange, and his eyes are almost jet black. He is on the husky side, more so than anyone else in the family, with the possible except of his Uncle Stargazer.

He is normally seen wearing a medium brown bomber jacket and a green baseball cap.

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