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Name: Sara Michelle (Goodall) Borealis
Age: 28
Gender: female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130
Species: Mountain Lion

Little is as yet known about Sara's childhood. She was the only child of her parents, being born and raised in Huntington West Virginia.

She showed a strong aptitude for sales throughout her childhood, usually winning local fundraising contests. Her skill sharpened in high school, joining Junior Achievement and earning enough money to pay for her college education.

She forwent college, however, for two reasons: 1) Her father had contracted lung cancer, which was becoming terminal. She stayed to care for him, and married her high school sweetheart. Both of her parents died shortly after her wedding.

A headhunter sought her out for a worldwide yacht company, based on her sales ability, and she soon found herself travelling the world to most of the resort areas, selling yachts, accessories and upgrades to the world's richest people.

She found out, to her dismay, that that kind of wealth often makes them think they can have anything they want, and many wanted her. She, however, was not for sale. She had a husband to think about, yet used the leud advances to her advantage which made her the top sales person for that company.

Upon arriving home from her third tour, however, she found that her husband had left their apartment. There was a note to contact a lawyer as he was suing for divorce, in order to marry his mistress.

This absolutely crushed Sara. She soon moved out of the apartment into an extended stay hotel, eliminating all but a few things of her possessions, so she could basically carry her home with her, when she travelled.

Upon arriving "home" after her ninth tour, however, she heard a voice on the radio that sounded familiar to her, and soon discovered that a schoolmate she used to know had managed to hit it big with a local musical group.

She found his email address, and wrote a short congratulatory email to him, not expecting anything to return.

She was quite surprised to find that, a few days later, she received an email from him, Stargazer Borealis. He was, indeed, the same person that she knew when she was a freshman. She had always thought of him as being an intellectual, despite his friendly nature, and her work with Junior Achievement kept her from getting to know most of the people in her classes, but she had fond memories of him and his kind nature. She wrote him back, giving him some of her own experiences since high school.

Not a day later, she was surfing the web, when she got an IM from him, out of the blue. Pleasantly surprised, she chatted with him for quite a while, when he took her by surprise and invited her to dinner.

She always felt she had made a fool of herself by breaking down and crying on their first meeting, but he had surprised her again by giving her a kiss.

The more they met and talked, the more she realized that she was developing some very deep feelings for him, which she never shared, since she was going to be leaving again, soon, for the next tour.

The day came when she had to tell him goodbye, and got the shock of her life when he said that he was going with her. They got engaged not a week later, and upon her return from tour, they were married.

Sara has the usual mountain lion markings contracted by her tawny hair and green eyes. She is usually seen wearing a loose tank top and skirt, which work very well for her in most of the resort areas of the world.

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