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Name:Stargazer Virgil Borealis
Age: 32
Gender: male
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 240 lbs
Species: Bear

Stargazer was born in Huntington West Virginia to his parents, Hank and Suzanne Borealis. He grew up there, and soon showed an avid interest in the nighttime sky, often wandering into the nearby mountains to get a clearer view.

He started he college career at The Ohio State University, majoring in Astronomy. This was cut short when his father died in a traffic accident at the start of his Sophomore year. He managed to get back the following year, finished his Bachelor's Degree, and started his Masters when his maternal grandfather died, leaving their estate to his mother.

She moved back to Alberta, Canada to manage the estate, and Stargazer transferred to the University of Calgary to be with her, completing his Masters and Doctorate there. He began teaching at the University there and spent a lot of time travelling the world to different observatories and events, always returning to attend his mother.

Another major change occured with his brother-in-law, Dan Draper, was re-activated in the Air Force and sent to Afghanistan. It was only supposed to be for a few months, but after a year, his nephew Dipper began to show signs that he needed an older male in his life. His sister, Aurora called him and asked if he could come down to visit.

Stargazer had always had a deep soft spot in his heart for his nephew, so, after making sure his mother would be all right, moved back to Huntington. Dipper soon grew very fond of his Uncle Stargazer.

About three years later, Stargazer's brother-in-law, Birch Draper, fell on hard times with his music career and asked if he could stay with them until he was able to turn his life around. Shortly after that, through a series of odd quirks, Stargazer found himself as part of a hit vocal group called The Beach Bears. Stargazer is a good singer, but not a great one, and tends to shy away from the spotlight, unless that spotlight is on him when giving a talk about astronomy.

His association with The Beach Bears, coupled with a fair amount of nudging from Birch managed to get Stargazer to meet Sara Goodall. Stargazer had given up on romance after a painful breakup while in college. He concentrated on his career and Dipper, but something about Sara opened his heart again, and they were married within a year of meeting.

Stargazer is thick, some would say fat. His fur is blue, except for his muzzle and belly. He wears glasses, and is usually seen wearing a photographer's vest and hiking boots, except on formal occasions when he will wear a suit and tie.

He is very even tempered, rarely showing any extreme emotion, but he loves his nephew and his wife to pieces.

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