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Max D. Groot gives an introduction to the Beach Bears.
1 001_sjbe_story.mp3 Suite Judy Blue Eyes
Birch tells us a bit of his background
2 002_hallelujah_story.mp3 Hallelujah
Birch explains his failure at a solo career
3 003_hb_story.mp3 Chapter 3: Homeward Bound
After his solo album flops, Birch decides to travel across the country to live with his brother
4 003_sotr_story.mp3 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Birch moves in with his brother's family and discovers Dipper's talent
5 004_iff_story.mp3 I Feel Fine
Dipper records his first song
6 005_ba_story.mp3 Barbara Ann
Birch does a quick recording of all three, himself, Dipper, and Stargazer
7 006_susa_story.mp3 Surfin' USA
The Beach Bears are formed
8 007_imr_story.mp3 In My Room
The third song for the album is recorded
9 008_db_story.mp3 Daydream Believer
The fourth song is recorded, another Dipper solo
10 009_jwinym_story.mp3 Just When I Needed You Most
Birch records Stargazer's first solo, the fifth song for the album
11 010_sjb_story.mp3 Sloop John B.
The sixth song for the album is recorded
12 011_ysgtm_story.mp3 You're So Good To Me
The seventh song for the album is recorded
13 012_ssb_story.mp3 Surf She Bear
The eighth song for the album is recorded
14 013_nb_story.mp3 Nowhere Bear
The ninth song for the album is recorded
15 014_ssb_story.mp3 Song Sung Blue
The tenth song for the album is recorded
16 015_htae_story.mp3 Here There And Everywhere
Dipper gets singing lessons and records the eleventh song
17 016_hmr_story.mp3 Help Me Rhonda
The twelfth song for the album is recorded
18 017_fom_story.mp3 First Of May
The thirteenth song for the album is recorded
19 018_cftf_story.mp3 Can't Fight This Feeling
One last song for their first album is recorded
20 019_wdg_story.mp3 Watching Dipper Grow
Stargazer explains a bit about why he gave up major astronomy work
21 020_gybr_story.mp3 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Dipper gets in a bit of trouble
22 021_emr_story.mp3 Early Morning Rain
Birch tries to take responsibility for Dipper's trouble, and Stargazer will have none of it
23 022_tyfbaf_story.mp3 Thank You For Being A Friend
Dipper introduces Bobby Thornbody
24 023_lass_story.mp3 Like A Sad Song
Stargazer reveals his deep pain
25 024_ss(ssm)_story.mp3 Sad Songs Say So Much
Dipper shows who is truly responsible for his trouble and tried to cheer Birch and Stargazer
26 025_ag_story.mp3 Amazing Grace
Stargazer shows more of the change in Dipper
27 026_desp_story.mp3 Desperado
Birch convinces Stargazer to make himself available
28 027_sdad_story.mp3 Some Days Are Diamonds
Stargazer goes through his email
29 028_bb_story.mp3 Blue Bayou
Birch enters The Beach Bears in a reality show for emotional reasons
30 029_fa_story.mp3 Fly Away
Stargazer goes on his first date with Sara
31 030_ss_story.mp3 Sugar Sugar
Birch becomes more intense on preparing for Rock Band Wars
32 031_ichfilwy_story.mp3 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Stargazer debates himself and finally concludes that he loves Sara
33 032_tr_story.mp3 The Rose
Stargazer finally confesses his love to Sara
34 033_bh_story.mp3 Blue Hawaii
Stargazer and Sara fly off to Hawaii
35 034_ptmd_story.mp3 Puff The Magic Dragon
Birch keeps Dipper from throwing away his childhood
36 035_wifil_story.mp3 When I Fall In Love
Stargazer proposes
37 036_twwg_story.mp3 Together Wherever We Go
Dipper gets upset when Stargazer announces his engagement
38 037_loajp_story.mp3 Leaving On A Jet Plane
Stargazer explains his moral stand on marriage
39 038_pw_story.mp3 Paperback Writer
Rock Band Wars begins
40 039_ug_story.mp3 Uptown Girl
The Beach Bears make it through to week two of Rock Band Wars
41 040_tly_story.mp3 The Living Years
Stargazer breaks the news about Dipper's father to him
42 041_59_story.mp3 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
The Beach Bears make it through to week three of Rock Band Wars
43 042_pb_story.mp3 Piano Bear
Birch grows still more intense
44 043_dtt_story.mp3 Don't Think Twice
The Beach Bears in week four of Rock Band Wars
45 044_wwry_story.mp3 We Will Rock You
The Beach Bears fly to Los Angeles
46 045_windy_story.mp3 Windy
The Beach Bears in week five of Rock Band Wars
47 046_iab_story.mp3 I'm A Believer
The Beach Bears in week six of Rock Band Wars
48 047_rb_story.mp3 Rocket Bear
Dipper reveals how this schedule is wearing on him
49 048_tac_story.mp3 Take A Chance
The Beach Bears in week seven of Rock Band Wars
50 049_trtpaot_story.mp3 The Rain, The Park, And Other Things
Dipper has hallucinations,or are they?
51 050_mtw_story.mp3 More Than Words
Dipper gets sick, Stargazer grows upset at Birch, and they compete is week eight.
52 051_tia_story.mp3 Tell It All
Birch reveals his deep, dark, secret
53 052_kokomo_story.mp3 Kokomo
The Beach Bears in the finals of Rock Band Wars
54 053_cr_story.mp3 Country Roads
The Beach Bears head for home
55 054_bha_story.mp3 Back Home Again
Bobby meets The Beach Bears at the airport
56 055_imne_story.mp3 In My Nephew's Eyes
Birch beings therapy, and gets a huge morale lift from Dipper
57 056_atb_story.mp3 America The Beautiful
The Beach Bears perform in Afghanistan
58 057_sukyaki_story.mp3 Sukiyaki
The Beach Bears perform in Tokyo
59 058_nyny_story.mp3 New York, New York
The Beach Bears perform in New York
60 059_dromp_story.mp3 Don't Rain On My Parade
Dipper falls in love and sneaks off
61 060_dt_story.mp3 Downtown
Dipper meets up with Susan
62 061_sitc_story.mp3 Send In The Clowns
Dipper finds out love isn't all it's cracked up to be
63 062_infila_story.mp3 I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Dipper meets up with Stargazer
64 063_rotr_story.mp3 Rhythm Of The Rain
Dipper tries to deal with his heartache at home
65 064_lls_story.mp3 Lonely Looking Sky
Stargazer misses Sara
66 065_mkot_story.mp3 My Kind Of Town
The Beach Bears perform in Chicago
67 066_mc_story.mp3 Mister Cellophane
Lawyer Tadd Kelso investigates a lawsuit against The Beach Bears
68 067_rd_story.mp3 Razzle Dazzle
The lawyer for the plaintiff, Lawrence Wadsworth, plots a scam
69 068_freedom_story.mp3 Freedom
Birch and Dipper discuss their problems
70 069_hcts_story.mp3 Here Comes The Sun
The civil trial begins,and ends
71 070_nature_boy_story.mp3 Nature Boy
Tadd Kelso laments the pain the trial caused Dipper
72 071_ftt_story.mp3 Fareware To Tarwathe
Stargazer tries to cheer Dipper up
73 072_ha_story.mp3 Hello Again
Stargazer calls Sara
74 073_ilmhisf_story.mp3 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Dipper confesses his love for San Francisco
75 074_alahnm_story.mp3 As Long As He Needs Me
Dipper drops back into depression, and Stargazer takes him on vacation
76 075_rmh_story.mp3 Rocky Mountain High
Dipper expresses his feelings about his situation
77 076_ida_story.mp3 I'd Do Anything
Bobby gets flown in to join Dipper
78 077_sow_story.mp3 Song Of Wyoming
Stargazer, Bobby, and Dipper drive to Wyoming
79 078_sot_story.mp3 Somewhere Out There
Stargazer gives a pep talk to Dipper
80 079_ghto_story.mp3 God Help The Outcasts
Dipper discovers the injustice at some tribal casinos
81 080_wms_story.mp3 Wild Montana Skies
Dipper thrills at his experiences in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Montana
82 081_ff_story.mp3 Fireflies
Stargazer brings Bobby and Dipper to the Dark Sky Reserve
83 082_today_story.mp3 Today
Dipper flies home and finds a huge surprise there
84 083_twbmw_story.mp3 The Wind Beneath My Wings
Stargazer asks Dipper to be his Best Man at the wedding
85 084_mr_story.mp3 Moon River
Dipper tricks Birch into singing for him
86 085_faea_story.mp3 Forever And Ever Amen
Stargazer picks up Sara at the airport
87 086_gmttcot_story.mp3 Get Me To The Church On Time
Birch talks Stargazer into a Bachelor Party
88 087_vas_story.mp3 Violets And Silverbells
The Wedding of Stargazer and Sara
89 088_tws_story.mp3 The Wedding Song
The newlyweds head off for Niagara Falls
90 089_ygi_story.mp3 You Got It
Dipper runs into a rather shady talent agent
91 090_btppb_story.mp3 Before The Parade Passes By
Bobby tries to talk Dipper out of going with Jason
92 091_stwom_story.mp3 Someone To Watch Over Me
Bobby arranges a meeting between Dipper and Justin Beaver with tragic results
93 092_kho_story.mp3 Keep Holding On
Dipper tries to take blame for the accident but promises to attend the concert
94 093_ygltg_story.mp3 You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Justin Beaver talks some sense into Dipper
95 094_dtd_story.mp3 Dreams To Dream
Dipper has an odd dream
96 095_cftf(r)_story.mp3 Can't Fight This Feeling (reprise)
Dipper finds the courage to let Bobby know how much he cares
97 096_am_story.mp3 Ave Maria
Bobby is released from the hospital, and Dipper tells Jason where to go
98 097_daniel_story.mp3 Daniel
Birch explains some of his childhood
99 098_wh_story.mp3 Wild Horses
Birch records another soft ballad
100 099_shilo_story.mp3 Shilo
Birch explains about how he got involved with his karate teacher
101 100_nb_(r)_story.mp3 Nowhere Bear (reprise)
Birch starts giving Wally music lessons
102 101_dh_story.mp3 Dear Heart
Birch records another soft ballad, and Wally notices
103 102_lotr_story.mp3 Love On The Rocks
Wally's attempt to comfort Birch backfires
104 103_tihyp_story.mp3 Til I Hear You Play
Birch discovers that Wally is in danger
105 104_sc_story.mp3 So Close
Birch to the rescue!
106 105_wiwbtb_story.mp3 Who I Was Born To Be
Birch reviews his actions
107 106_atm_story.mp3 A Thousand Miles
Wally shows his appreciation
108 107_hrcr_story.mp3 Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
Stargazer and Sara spend more time in Hawaii
109 108_ptsws_story.mp3 Paint The Sky With Stars
Stargazer gives a lecture at the University of Hawaii
110 109_mcro_story.mp3 My Cup Runneth Over
Stargazer says goodbye to Sara at the airport
111 110_um_story.mp3 Unchained Melody
Stargazer receives some distressing news
112 111_ds_story.mp3 Danny's Song
The news are not as bad as first believed
113 112_fbfb_story.mp3 For Baby (For Bobbie)
Stargazer reviews recent events
114 113_cy_story.mp3 Consider Yourself
Bobby stays with Dipper for a week
115 114_bobd_story.mp3 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Trevor speaks of his depression
116 115_ygafim_story.mp3 You Got A Friend In Me
Bobby and Dipper welcome Trevor
117 116_bbb_story.mp3 Bye Bye Bye
Dipper and Bobby have an argument
118 117_isaj_story.mp3 I Started A Joke
Dipper realizes his mistake
119 118_iftp_story.mp3 I Fall To Pieces
Bobby realizes his mistake
120 119_neby_story.mp3 Nobody Else But You
Trevor brings Dipper and Bobby back together
121 120_mi_story.mp3 My Immortal
Trevor shares his heart with Bobby and Dipper
122 121_vincent_story.mp3 Vincent
Dipper learns a bit of art appreciation
123 122_ybs_story.mp3 Your Birthday Song
Bobby's birthday party surprises
124 123_ftlt_story.mp3 For The Longest Time
Bobby returns the song
125 124_tc_story.mp3 The Call
Trevor heads back down to Georgia
126 125_far_story.mp3 Fire And Rain
Stargazer learns of the death of his mother
127 126_smtw_story.mp3 Show Me The Way
Dipper learns of the death of his grandmother
128 127_yesterday_story.mp3 Yesterday
Birch lets his anger get the best of him
129 128_cwsa_story.mp3 Could We Start Again
The funeral begins
130 129_angel_story.mp3 Angel
The funeral continues
131 130_igtgbts_story.mp3 I'm Going To Go Back There Someday
Dipper considers death and the afterlife
132 131_iglig_story.mp3 It Goes Like It Goes
Birch loses and finds his muse
133 132_wywsha_story.mp3 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Stargazer mourns at his mother's grave
134 133_lom_story.mp3 Lean On Me
Dipper expresses his gratitude to Bobby
135 134_dad_story.mp3 Daisy A Day
Stargazer comes to terms with the death of his mother
136 135_fibj_story.mp3 Forever In Blue Jeans
Birch receives a surprise visit from a fan
137 136_gma_story.mp3 Goodnight My Angel (Lullabye)
Dipper's father relates recent events and helps his son to sleep
138 137_ab_story.mp3 Alberta Bound
The Beach Bears prepare to go to Alberta
139 138_omw_story.mp3 On My Way
Bobby gets invited to come along
140 139_soms_story.mp3 Sunshine On My Shoulders
Dipper is amazed at how cold Canada can be
141 140_otr_story.mp3 On The Road
The family drives to Jasper
142 141_rms(cnic)_story.mp3 Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada)
Stargazer and Birch head up into the Rockies
143 142_ltme_story.mp3 Look Through My Eyes
Bobby and Dipper watch the Northern Lights
144 143_hth_story.mp3 Heart To Heart
The Benefit Concert
145 144_memory_story.mp3 Memory
Stargazer sings his first concert solo
146 145_massachusetts_story.mp3 Massachusetts
The Beach Bears head for Boston
147 146_crying_story.mp3 Crying
Susan Linsky shows up again
148 147_icsly_story.mp3 I Can't Stop Loving You
Dipper laments his quandry about the people he loves
149 148_lib_story.mp3 Let It Be
Stargazer gives Bobby and Dipper good advice
150 149_batm_story.mp3 Barking At The Moon
Wally reveals his life now
151 150_mltr_story.mp3 Mama Liked The Roses
Wally and Birch visit the grave of Wally's mother
152 151_cl_story.mp3 Colored Lights
Birch talks to his therapist about his plans for a State Fair concert
153 152_question_story.mp3 Question
Birch runs into someone who makes him very uncomfortable
154 153_mocs_story.mp3 Man Of Constant Sorrow
Birch's former karate teacher reveals his life
155 154_hos_story.mp3 Hang On Sloopy
Birch invites Roger to the concert
156 155_co_story.mp3 Carry On
Birch talks Roger into pursuing a career in illustrating
157 156_ilfy_story.mp3 I Learned From You
Roger expresses his gratitude
158 157_ta_story.mp3 Turn Around
Stan talks about his life now
159 158_mp_story.mp3 Missing Person
Wally runs into Stan at the park
160 159_inwiw_story.mp3 I'm Not Who I Was
Birch meets up with Stan at a television show
161 160_forgiveness_story.mp3 Forgiveness
Stan expresses his respect and remorse to Birch
162 161_sg_story.mp3 Say Goodbye
Wally's father, Warren, sees Wally and Birch on the show and reacts
163 162_reflection_story.mp3 Reflection
Warren has some rather harsh and cruel things to say about Birch
164 163_abm_story.mp3 All By Myself
Birch tries again, and offers to help Warren
165 164_breakaway_story.mp3 Breakaway
Birch talks to Wally to explain what may happen
166 165_monster_story.mp3 Monster
Birch gets talked into helping Stan with his problems, and more problems result
167 166_hurt_story.mp3 Hurt
Stan stops the monster inside him in the only way he can
168 167_ss_story.mp3 Say Something
Birch stays with Stan in the hospital
169 168_ynm_story.mp3 You Needed Me
Stan comes out of his coma, to discover that Birch is ready to start over
170 169_itily_story.mp3 I Thought I Lost You
Warren finds out how his wife actually died, mends his ways, and wins his son back
171 170_sg_r_story.mp3 Say Goodbye (reprise)
Warren and Wally visit the grave of Wally's mother and Warren's wife
172 171_jidl_story.mp3 Birch plans out a Caribbean Cruise
Birch plans out a Caribbean Cruise